CuttingEdge.Conditions source used for MongoDB .NET Driver

Since I built CuttingEdge.Conditions, I had lots of positive reactions from developers who loved it. However, I've never saw the source code been reused in another library or framework; until now.

I just stumbled upon an exact copy of the CuttingEdge.Conditions source code inside the MongoDB .NET Driver. I am absolutely fine with this. I deliberately choose the MIT license which permits reuse of the code in any form. Reuse of my code is the biggest compliment a developer can give me, except of course compliments that involve money :-).

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four comments:

Benjamin - 28 06 10 - 18:22

that's pretty cool, I'll take a look at it again, might want to standardize it internally around here :)

good job, keep it up dude
Eber Irigoyen (URL) - 28 06 10 - 19:12

Charles Strahan (URL) - 16 09 10 - 20:53

Nice work, it certainly is a good compliment when other people reuse your code. Congrats!
Hans van Bakel (URL) - 03 10 10 - 13:00